Saturday, December 27, 2014

Back in the Saddle...and Pie.

Hi folks!

I am jumping back in the saddle! I haven't been blogging for (cough cough) 3 months (cough).
But, please excuse me...I've been in a whirlwind...of pie.

August 1st, Josh and I started a pie company! PJ Pies.

It started one day when our friends, Kerrie and Wade, had some leftover mangos that they didn't want. Josh said..."I'll make y'all a pie with 'em!" So, a mango pie he made.
They loved it and then, Wade took the rest to work to share. The next day, he asked us how much we would charge for another pie, because he had 5 orders for us.


We made the 5 mango pies and the next day, we had 6 more pie orders. 


This time, they had other flavor requests. We filled those and it has just continued to grow! 
We sought the Lord and what His will was for this. We didn't want to pursue it just because it was thrown in our laps. We wanted to make sure that it was HE who threw it in our laps! He has used it to take care of us and it has grown and grown, because of Him. 

Josh loves the business side of it. He does all of the social media and comes up with all of our new flavors, etc. I do all the crust art:) We have a few girls who have been helping us, the primary being our friend, Korey. It has been an amazing journey so far and we are still walkin' it with joy! It has been so much fun and a LOT of hard work. I've never been so busy in my life...making lots of pie, homeschooling, "keeping" a house (sometimes), having time with my Savior, leading worship, spending time with my family and friends, and clearly my blog hasn't been taken care of :>/ Fixing that now:)

Our website is Check it out...and order a pie:)
Check out our Instagram too!
Here is some of our work!...

We do birthdays:)

Sometimes, I love simple beauty.

Catch a falling star and put it in your...mouth.
This is one of my favorite designs so far:)

Doing some custom artwork.

Thanksgiving time:)

I heart lattice.

My fave flave, raspberry-lime:)

To weave or not to weave....TO WEAVE!!

UGH....our blueberry is so sweet and refreshing. I LOVE.

The holidays have been a Pecan Frenzy!!!

Do put a gift pie in the mouth:)

Two of my loves together:)

Before the bake.

Our mini pies:)
We sell these at the farmer's market...
a great way to tray multiple flavors if you don't know whatcha want. 

A tray for a pie lover.

Cranberry-Pear with an oat crumble...our Christmas pie!

Some, chocolatey, nutty goodness.

Back in the blogo-saddle.