Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Dirt on Motherhood.

I wrote this for Logos Community Church and wanted to share it here, with you, in light of Mother's Day that is almost here!

There is dirt on the word “motherhood”. It is not seen as a precious and honorable role these days. Moms are, so often, undervalued. They are made fun of in society and in the media all the time.
TV shows and people often depict their moms as annoying, nagging, and irritating. While some of these stereotypes, sadly, can be true for some, are we not to respect and honor our parents? We are! It is a commandment.

“Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), 
“that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.”
Ephesians 6:2-3

This is also something we have to teach our children to do. This will not come naturally. Our sin nature is ugly and non-honoring. On top of teaching this to our children with discipline, we can teach them by example.

Do they see you honor your mother? How?

Mothering can be a VERY thankless job. In the early years, kids don’t know how to show appreciation of their mothers, as they give so much of themselves to the life of their kids...their time, their hearts, and their bodies. So, when you see them put something you’ve taught them into action/obey, it feels kind of like a reward from God above.
When they’re older, kids can often just get used to someone always being there to take care of their needs and forget to show their appreciation. We have to teach our children to say “thank you”, to others and to us.
Another way to teach this, besides repeating ourselves a thousand times, is to thank them. We forget to do this sometimes. We might expect them to obey, as they should, but then, may just move on. If we appreciate thankfulness, we ought to express thanks as well. They’ll catch on...hopefully.

A Blessed Call
So, in the midst of mothering...a call and privilege given by the LORD that is hard and that can result in feeling underappreciated, we MUST remember that it is a blessed job! It is brutal and can break us down sometimes, but the Lord is there to help every step of the way! We need only to look to him, to seek Him in it all, through His word and through quality and ceaseless time with Him.

This call is valuable. It is valuable in the process of our sanctification (I don’t know about you, but my ugly comes out and my heart is challenged constantly) and it is valuable to the little beings that we are raising. We have the opportunity to be one of the most influential people in our children’s lives and so, what are we doing with that?

  • Are we bringing them up in the ways of the LORD?
  • Are we teaching them what it looks like to love God?
  • Are we teaching them about Jesus and His grace offered?
  • Are we helping to write His Word upon their tiny hearts?
  • Are we teaching them to love?
  • Are we teaching them to have mercy and compassion on others?
  • Are we teaching them discipline?
  • Are we teaching them that they are valued in the sight of the Lord?

While it is sooo nice to be appreciated by our families and society, and looove every second of it, we will never feel completely filled up by our families or others! We might feel filled for a moment, but tomorrow, we will be right back where we the trenches with those little boogers (no matter how old they are!).

Our value lies in Jesus. Jesus IS our value. He IS our portion. He IS our reward.
He renews us. He gives us our successes. He gives us grace in our failures.
He is our light and our salvation. Nothing else will ever come close to His fullness.

Let’s clean the dirt off of the name of “motherhood” and shine HIS LIGHT on it.

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