Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In Wonder of Him

Wow...this past week has been a crazy ride with the Lord, in His grace. It...His grace...has washed over me and over me as I've been feeling sick...whenever I wasn't medicated and when I was, for that matter. The sickness was different each way, but was still there. I have wondered if it is something that won't go away. Maybe it won't, but maybe it will.
I don't know and I will trust Him in the not knowing.

He has walked with me down into this pit of unwellness and has pulled me through it until I could feel what it was to feel good in His presence. He has shown me grace upon grace in every moment that He has made Himself more known to me. Experiencing even a hint of a shimmer of his glory is too much for my weary soul. It overwhelms me! He overwhelms me!

Being filled up to worship His name and being emptied, emotionally and physically, in worship of Him. This is what I want life to be like...for the rest of my time here...and forevermore! Through every pain, over this past month, he's shown me mercy. He's giving me moments with my kids, sweet moments, that I'm definitely appreciating more. He's giving me empathy for friends who are dealing with chronic issues and for people who are shut in. It's so easy to get caught up in our lives and forget about those who need community, but have a hard time going out to get it. I fail at this HUGE time!! I forget people. Only by His grace, can we remember to be the church to people that Jesus loves, right where they are.

He has shown Himself from a perspective I could not have seen had I not been down in the pit. Technically, I'm still there, but because He's there with me, it doesn't always feel like a pit. Sometimes it feels like a pool at the bottom of a know. Beautiful.

  • How is He showing Himself to you this week? 
  • If you are not seeing him with clarity and with fear, what is getting in the way? Move it. Let's not allow for anything to get in the way of us giving Jesus the worship that He deserves to receive from us!

As I've been going through all this sickly business, I've been listening to these two songs almost non-stop! I have been SO led to the throne of the King, in wonder and in worship, by these songs. Get to know them! At least one of them will be showing up at Logos Community Church really soon;)

"You Make Me Brave" : Amanda Cook & Bethel Music

"Wonder" (Spontaneous) : Amanda Cook & Bethel Music


  1. How beautiful is the grace of The Lord! I have been selfish often even while being in chronic pain. It often begins to take a "me" aspect and I begin to allow pride to get the best of me. The Lord has had to humble the crap out of me by saying in my weakness He is strong. It sucks but falling our face and remembering that call is lovely. That it's not about us but Him alone. In turn it allows me to focus on others because He overflows His living water onto us. Undeserving instruments for His glory. Moments like these blow, but are so tentative in the walk.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and how you worship Ashley. Such a beautiful blog.

    1. Lisa...good word! You definitely have much more experience than I do with physical pain. I feel like the Lord has allowed this, 1, to be glorified through it, and 2, to give me empathy for those who deal with this on a regular basis. Praise God. I feel like I'm on the upswing of it. I'm pretty much feeling back to normal minus a few minor things, but I sure did have a different experience with the Lord this past month, so may He be praised for changing my heart!

  2. I love this. Your honesty is lovely, and I'm grateful for a reminder of God's grace. I feel like I'm in a season of healing lately, too. I read this post about healing slowly, and it was an encouragement to me along the way. I hope you get some good rest and refreshment this weekend!

    1. Sarah Ann, Thank you so much for reading this and for sharing that post with me! I just read it and I like how she wrote about how His healing is so often happening, but that it's just a slow process. He really does grow us just as much through the healing as He does through pain. If it happened quickly, our faith wouldn't be tested and we wouldn't have to wait on Him. Waiting on Him is sweet, despite how it usually feels. Oh...and by the way, I am having a great weekend and am doing so much better! I'm definitely on the upswing of things:) Have a great Memorial Day Weekend:)