Monday, April 28, 2014

5 Ways to Worship God...Besides Singing, of Course.

Singing....Singing is my passion and a fun gift that God has given me and so many of you. I get to do it every Sunday, leading in worship at Logos Community Church, but really, I do it all through the worship...and just in fun...super loud...and soft and hummy (Josh's favorite. Josh's nemesis.). Ask my family. They'll tell you how annoying I can be. (Wink.) 

When I sing to my LORD, I feel such a closeness to Him. It's definitely my favorite mode of communication and way to praise Him. It feels like a special part of my relationship with Him, but it is not the most important part! It is just one part. One day, I may not be able to sing...for whatever reason. This can't be the only way I worship Him. I have to offer Him praise in other ways...1) because He deserves more than just singing from me...and...2) because I would be missing out on a lot of sanctification and on the massive blessings of knowing Him in other ways...and...3) because I want a relationship with him that is 10-dimensional! What's amazing and humbling is that He wants a 10-dimensional relationship with me!...with us!

If it helps you to put these "Ways to Worship" in your calendar, for different times of the day, then you should. Usually, if we're reminded to do something enough times, it will, at least, come to mind more often.
I want worshiping Him to come to mind more often. You?

1. Praise Him for his goodness.

He shows us His goodness in times when everything is going right, by allowing us to have peace and by allowing us to get into His Word and spend more time with Him with more straight-up worship of Him and who He is. This is also a great time to grow as much as we can, knowing that there will be future sufferings. We must know the TRUTH aka scripture before we go into battle...We've got to Arm Ourselves!
He shows us His goodness when we're in times of suffering, in that He allows us to go through difficult times, because He knows that our lives and hearts will be changed because of it. He knows that His goodness and His mercy and His grace will be so much more evident to us when we are in need...and that He'll receive more and more glory through our every praise to Him.

2. Speak the name of Jesus, because there is power in it.
There is power in His name. JESUS has been given all authority over heaven and earth (Phil. 2:9-11 ..."the name that is above every name"...). In His name, great things have been done and will be done. 
Also, say his name during a conversation today. I guarantee that someone will have a surprised or awkward look on their face...or start staring at you like you've got a big ol' booger hangin' out your nose. When we say the name of Jesus, people will either praise Him with you or they will be slightly, if not completely, offended. 
People have many gods, so people are comfortable with the term "God", but Jesus...that's a whole other thing. The fact is that we're called, as followers of Christ, to TALK ABOUT HIM. When we talk about Jesus, He is made more famous!!

Word of mouth...the best.

3. Pray.

Pray to Him in the morning when you wake up. Pray for people you know who are hurting. Pray for those you love. Pray against the works of the enemy. Pray to be open to the Holy Spirit, to let Him work in your heart and to lead you where He wants you. Pray that you will be effective for His heavenly kingdom.  
He wants to hear from you. He loves you. Do you want to hear from your loved one today (husband/child/sister/boyfriend/mother/father)? How about Jesus? Is He truly your loved one? If He isn't, why isn't he? If my husband ignored me all day, I'd be sad. I wouldn't feel very loved by Him. Does Jesus feel ignored by you?

Talk to and listen to Him today.

4. Remember and tell of His great works.

Recount all of His wonderful deeds (Psalm 9:1) and make them known among the people (Psalm 105:1). He has done so many great things and deserves all glory, honor, and praise. Remember these stories of grace and redemption and then tell others about what God has restoring broken marriages, in His healing of people, in opening barren wombs, in His provision for those in need, in his bringing families together. When people hear of his works and see how He loves, they just might wanna know this have hope in Him, to receive grace from Him, to know His Love!

5. Have joy in Him.

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.  Isaiah 12:3

When we have joy in our hearts, because of our relationship with Jesus, we are full...full of life. When you received salvation, did you have joy? How could we not?! Receiving salvation from the One who is never empty, the One whose well will never run dry, gives joy. We can keep on and keep on drawing life from the never ending well, if we have joy in Him! Because...He is the LIVING WATER.

The joy of the Lord is our strength. (Nehemiah 8:10) He makes us strong when we have joy in Him. Whenever I'm dealing with a rough situation, if I have joy in the LORD, I have hope, no matter how difficult the time or how wonderful the time. Our joy in Him isn't necessarily a happiness, but is more like knowing that He is our hope in everything and so, we can rest in that! We can rejoice in His great faithfulness! He is always faithful...forever faithful. I don't know about you, but...
My joy can ABOUND in a faithful God.
Knowing that someone (especially a perfect God) loves me, goes with me, will never leave me, nor forsake me, makes me feel filled and whole.

Take SO MUCH JOY in Him today!!

Worship of God is DAILY...not when we're feeling desperate for some "God time" on Sunday. Don't just GIVE him some of your time.
Your time belongs to God already. It is His.
What will you do with His time today?

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